Calender controlled operation


Calendar controlled operation

Grundfos COMFORT pumps with AUTOADAPT are controlled by a combination of the water temperature detected in the system, the ‘Tstart’ and ‘Tstop’ temperature settings, and the calendar log.

Every time hot water is tapped, the water temperature changes, and this is registered via a special filter and logged in the tapping calendar. In fact, even a circulator pump starting will cause a change in temperature – so the AUTO-ADAPT algorithm decides whether a change is caused by pump starting or by hot water tapping, and only logs the latter in the tapping calendar.

The tapping calendar covers 14 days of tapping history (to make sure weekends are included), and each calendar day is divided into 20-minute time slots. Whenever hot water is tapped, a ‘T’ (for tapping) is logged in the appropriate time slot in the calendar. When the pump has been on standby for eight hours, the system is automatically flushed for 15 minutes. An ‘F’ (for flushed) is logged in the calendar.

Based on the calendar log (i.e., the time slots where the most ‘T’s have been recorded), AUTOADAPT calculates when hot water is likely to be tapped next, and activates the temperature-dependent hysteresis control is activated 20 minutes prior to the expected tapping. It is deactivated again when no more tapping is expected.


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