Workshop repair



Complete pump repair options

If you need a workshop capable of performing any repair on any pump from any manufacturer, Workshop repair from Grundfos is the option for you.

Our network of repair workshops all over the world offers two levels of workshop repair services: three-star and five-star repair. Both service levels come with various delivery options, including an Express service, that give you a little extra flexibility. They include basics like the following:

  • Full inspection
  • Replacement of all wear parts
  • Testing after assembly and inspection

In addition, the five-star service includes extras like impeller and casting replacement if needed plus a full manufacturer's warranty.

Prior to any repair work, you receive a detailed quotation outlining the condition of the pump, the cost of repair and the cost of a replacement pump so that you may choose the most cost-effective option. All spare parts used during repairs are genuine manufacturer’s parts, and your pump will be returned to you in top working condition, ready for energy-efficient and reliable operation.


  • Clear overview of options means easier and faster decision
  • Repairs carried out using genuine manufacturer’s parts
  • Convenience with one-stop repair solution for all pumps
  • Reduced downtime with Express service

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