Pump audit



Overview of potential for energy savings

Pump audit is a diagnostic tool developed by Grundfos to identify excessive energy consumption in any kind of pumping system. Our experience with Pump audits shows that 30-50% of the energy consumed by pumps could be saved which translates into significant potential savings for your installation, and a little extra relief for the environment.

A Pump audit is performed by Grundfos specialists based on measurements. It focuses on the amount of material the pump is handling and flow variations during a relatively short and well-defined period. The Grundfos specialist sets up various measuring equipment to measure and record the following:

  • Countable values, e.g. flow and energy consumption
  • Analogue values, e.g. pressure, temperature, water levels
  • Incident rates, e.g. pump start/stop, valve open/close

The audit assesses the overall efficiency of your pumps and proposes changes to be made to improve efficiency. The proposals are supported by calculations of the savings to be made, the reduction in CO2 emissions, and the payback time on any investment.


  •  Considerable savings on running costs
  • Significant reductions to installation carbon footprint



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