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Hot water circulation pump - Recirculations pumps
Recirculation pumps ensure that hot water is always as close to the consumption point as possible. Learn more about hot water circulations pumps here.
Radial fan
A radial fan is a device that consists of an impeller driven by an electrical motor.
Radiant heating
Radiant heat is thermal radiation between two surfaces.
A radiator is a heating surface that transfers a significant part of its heat by thermal radiation and the rest by convection.
Radiator exponent
The radiator exponent n indicates the change in heat output of a radiator when the actual conditions, in terms of water temperature and room temperature, differ from standard conditions, i.e., the values that were used to define a radiator’s nominal heating capacity.
Reciprocating compressor
Reciprocating compressors are often used in connection with cooling systems.
Recycling creating new products from used materials. Recycling is not the same as reuse, where the object is reused for its original purpose.
The task of the refrigerant is to transfer energy from one level and dispose of it at a higher level.
Refrigerant charge
Refrigerant charge is a term used for the type and mass of refrigerant a refrigeration plant will hold to perform under the given conditions.
Relative humidity
Relative air humidity is a term used to describe the amount of water vapour in the air.