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Galvanic corrosion
Galvanic corrosion occurs when a corrosive electrolyte and two metallic materials are in contact.
Gear pump
A gear pump is a pump which transfers liquids through gears meshing together. Get more information on our encyclopaedia pages specific for gear pumps.
GENIbus is an open data communication protocol developed and maintained by Grundfos. It is used to connect Grundfos pumps to pump controllers or via gateways to monitoring and supervisory computers in Building Management Systems and SCADA systems.
Geodetic head
Geodetic head refers to the actual physical difference in height between the liquid level in the pit and the highest point of the discharge pipe or water level in the outlet.
Geometric Height
In a boosting system, the geometric height is the physical height that the water has to be lifted, in order to reach the consumer.
GHG is an abbreviation for greenhouse gases which are the different gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect (global warming).
Greenwashing means making a product seem more environmentally friendly than it really is.
Grey iron
Iron is an inexpensive, easy-to-cast material. It is especially used in the manufacturing of pump houses, motor blocks and other pump parts.
Grinder pump - Centrifugal grinder pump systems
Grinder pumps demolish particles and fibres, which creates a more homogeneous wastewater mass. Learn more about centrifugal grinder pump systems here.
Grundfos (large) UPS circulator pump
Grundfos Large UPS is a canned rotor, centrifugal pump for circulating water in heating systems and smaller air-conditioner systems in commercial buildings.