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A fan is a device with wings or an impeller that rotates by means of an electric motor.
Fan coil
A fan coil is used to heat or cool down air in many different types of locations, for example; in production areas in the food industry, warehouses, offices, supermarkets, etc.
A fieldbus is the information highway that connects the components in a BMS system to allow monitoring and controlling of air-conditioning systems, heating systems, lighting systems, ventilation, wastewater systems etc.
Fin spacing
Fin spacing is the distance between fins which are used on fan coils, air coolers, dry coolers, evaporators and condensers.
Floor heating
A viable alternative to conventional radiator style heating systems is under floor heating.
Flow temperature
The flow temperature refers to the temperature of the water in the supply (flow) pipe in a heating system or separate part of a heating system.
Flow velocity
The flow velocity of a liquid in pipes varies across the cross-section of the pipe.
Fluoroelastomers (FKM) are one of the different types of rubber used as a packing material in shaft seals to prevent the pumped media from leaking.
Free passage
The dimension of the free passage usually refers to the largest spherical object that may pass through the impeller.
Frequency converter
A frequency converter is an electric device that converts a current with one frequency to a current with another frequency.