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Diaphragm pumps - What is a diaphragm pump?
A diaphragm pump (also known as a Membrane pump) is a type of positive displacement pump. To learn more about diaphragm pumps, click here.
Diaphragm Tank
Diaphragm tanks are pressurized water vessels where the water and air are separated by a flexible diaphragm allowing the water to expand and absorb pressure surges.
Differential pressure regulating valve
Differential pressure regulators are built into the system where a constant differential pressure is desired.
Direct boosting
When a booster system is connected directly to the water mains it is called direct boosting.
Direct system
A direct system is a heating system where the heat emitters are directly connected to a boiler or district heating system.
Discharge de-superheater
A discharge de-superheater can be used in a cooling plant to produce domestic hot water.
Discharge flow
Discharge flow is the assumed flow from discharge units.
District heating
District heating describes a water-based heating system where there is a considerable distance between the place the heat is generated (power plant) and the place the heat is used (the building).
Dosing pump - Positive displacement dosing pumps
Dosing pumps are a type of positive displacement pump and typically a diaphragm pump. Get more information about dosing pumps and range here.
Downtime costs / loss of production (Cs)
The measurable cost of a pump stoppage is modest seen over its lifetime in a commercial building.