This is to inform you of a safety warning about Grundfos UNILIFT APB50.50.11.3V 3-phase pump part Number 96468195 produced from week 49, 2016 to week 37, 2017.

Based on our own investigations, we have come to the conclusion that under a number of certain conditions, affected products may pose a risk of electric shock. Do not touch a pump or lifting station that is powered on.

Click HERE for instructions on how to identify affected products.

Grundfos strongly urges you to verify whether you have the product in question. If you do, immediately contact your Installer or your Grundfos Authorised Dealer for a replacement or repair. Please follow the below instructions:

1. Do not touch the pump while connected to the grid.

2. If you want to check the product, you must disconnect it from the grid.

3. If you do not know how to disconnect the pump or lifting station from the grid, contact immediately your installer or a Grundfos Service Department on 1300 337 733 for this inspection and to schedule an appointment for replacement or repair.

4. Grundfos will replace or repair your UNILIFT APB 3-phase free of charge.

5. In case you have a mobile application do not use it.

If you have further questions, please contact your Grundfos Authorised Dealer or Installer.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but safety, responsibility and reliability is our first priority.