PM1, PM2 pressure managers for automatic start-stop of pumps



The all-in-one Grundfos Pressure Manager is an intelligent waterworks that controls your pump in accordance with consumption in domestic water supply and booster systems. The Pressure Manager is suitable for toilets, washing machines and outside taps.

This state-of-the art product offers benefits from innovative Grundfos features including functionality, system integration, plug-and-pump convenience and ease of use.

The Pressure Manager offers a choice of two excellent models: the PM1for basic flexibility, and the PM2 for all-round control.


  • Internal pressure tank - The Pressure Manager incorporates a small internal pressure tank which minimises the number of starts and stops of the pump in case of minor leakages.
  • Free position installation - The Pressure Manager can freely be installed vertically,horizontally or at an angle, if you struggle with confined spaces. Furthermore the display can be turned 360 degrees,so it is always readable.
  • Integrated non-return valve - Non-return valve for backflow prevention.
  • PM 1 - Basic flexibility - The PM1 is suitable for applications where there is a need tostart and stop the pump according to consumption. It is thebasic flexibility solution, offering pump start at 1.5 or 2.2 bar.The PM1 will start the pump when the starting pressure isreached it will keep running as long as there is flow. It providesdry-running protection and a cycling alarm for increasedsafety. In addition, it is suitable for use on generators.
  • PM 2 - All-round control - The PM2 is the all-round control solution, offering adjustable pump start at 1.5 to 5 bar. This enables customisation to different types of installation and desired comfort levels. The start pressure is set inside the unit, where as current pressure is read on the intuitive LED display on the front of the Pressure Manager. The PM2 starts the pump when the starting pressure is reached and keeps running as long as there is flow. It is equipped with an internal pressure tank to minimise starts and stops in the event of leakage in the installation. In addition, the PM2 can be optimised for operation with a large external pressure tank by enabling the 1-bar differential pressure function.This significantly reduces the numberof operating hours of the pump in installations with a pressure tank.The PM2 is also suitable for use on generators.


  • Internal pressure tank
  • Free postition installation
  • Integrated non-return valve




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