CM Booster Self-Priming



The Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming is a compact booster pump designed for domesticand light industrial use. The booster unit consists of a robust multistage centrifugal pump and a generator friendly PM1 or PM2 Pressure Manager.The Pressure Manager allows the pump to startand stop automatically according to demand andprotects the pump from dry running. The CM Booster Self-Priming is the perfect solution if you are struggling with insufficient mains pressure,and can also be used with above or below groundwater sources.


  • Mains water pressure boosting
  • Rainwater supply from above ground water tanks
  • Rainwater supply from below ground water tanks
  • Rainwater supply from other below ground water sources - dams/rivers etc. 
FeatureCM Booster Self-Priming
Pressure Manager 1 (refer to table below)Yes
Pressure Manger 2 (refer to table belowYes
Self-Priming capabilitiesYes
Stainless steel wetted componentsYes
FeaturePressure Manager 1Pressure Manager 2
Power on indicationYesYes
Pump running indicationYesYes
Alarm indicationYesYes
Dry-running protectionYesYes
Free position in installationYesYes
Suitable for generator supplyYesYes
Rotary outlet connectionYesYes
Integrated non-return valveYesYes
Cycling alarmYesYes
Integrated pressure sensor from Grundfos Direct Sensors Yes
Adjustable start pressure Yes
Start/stop with 1 bar differential pressure Yes
Auto restart after dry running Yes
Maximum run time 30 min (safety) Yes
Pressure indication Yes
Internal pressure tank Yes

Features and Benefits


With a suction lift of up to 8 metres (self-priming up to 4 metres), the CM Booster Self-Priming is ideal for pressurising water from above or below ground water sources.

Robust design 

All wetted parts are made from high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure the longest life possible.

User-friendly interface

The pump features a user-friendly interface with LED indicators displaying power status, pump running, alarm indication and pressure indication (excluding CMB-SP 1-36).

Protective features

The pump incorporates a range of protective features such as; dry run protection, thermal overload protection, cycling alarm and maximum continuous operation time - 30 mins (excluding CMB-SP 1-36) to protect the pump and ensure a long life.

Easy installation

The booster unit is a compact and adaptable solution, which makes it suitable for most installations. Simply connect the inlet and outlet and adjust the start pressure to suit individual requirements and you have a fully operational booster unit.

Integrated non-return valve

Non-return valve for backflow prevention.

For more information, download the 'CM Booster Range Brochure' from the Brochures tab.


  • Self Priming - Ideal for above or below ground water sources
  • Robust Design - To ensure the longest life possible
  • User Friendly Interface - For easy use



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