Belt-driven CR

Belt-driven CR

A belt-driven pump is designed to operate in places with limited space or where no electrical power is available. An additional bearing has been added on top of an existing bearing flange. The two bearings are mounted back-to-back. This bearing design makes it possible to withstand the extra radial forces caused by a pulley. A pulley wheel is attached to the end of the shaft. By means of pulley belts, the pump can be driven by a motor mounted next to it rather than on top of it. The pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally by using the extra support plates. The pulley head is positioned on the motor stool where the motor would normally be fitted. Using the existing holes in the motor stool, the pulley head can be secured to the motor stool with bolts, washers, and nuts. The pulley wheel is then attached to the shaft using an appropriate bush and key. Max rpm for belt-driven pumps is 3000, please take this into consideration when sizing.


  • Applications in remote/distant areas
  • Mobile applications
  • Fire protection

Technical details

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