What is the Grundfos Extranet?

The Grundfos Extranet is the On-Line platform where customers can buy Grundfos products and obtain additional business information. Customers can see availability, financial data and other business parameters online


Who can place an order on the Extranet?

The Extranet is an online business portal available to existing Grundfos customers only. They enter the portal using a username and a password.

Do I need to install software on my computer?

Grundfos Extranet runs in a web browser. The customers do not need to install additional software to use the Extranet – only an Internet connection is needed


Is it secure to do business on the Grundfos Extranet?

The program runs on a secure connection using the https protocol to send encrypted data similar to bank and credit card transactions, and to be absolutely sure, all incoming Extranet orders are still checked and evaluated by local Grundfos staff. On top of this, there are no actual financial transactions taking place.

Does the Extranet replace the Grundfos salesman’s visit?

Certainly not! In spite of the technological development, personal contact with the customer is still – perhaps, even more – important. The customer still needs advice, and the confirmation of dealing with a global brand and competent partner will not change. However, our sales force can only pay a customer a visit a certain number of times.


Is it not easier to just phone or fax?
You can still order the traditional way, though Grundfos offices are only open during normal business hours. The Extranet is open 24/7. And even if you place an order by phone or fax, you can still use the Extranet to see the status of the order.

Can I see all my orders on the Extranet?

Yes, even if your orders came in through the regular channels. Also, you can check your business and orders with Grundfos as far as 2 years back.