Case stories

Germany, Pumpen Binek

Pumpen Binek is one of the largest Authorised Service Partners for Grundfos in Germany. For over 30 years, the company is specialized in selling and maintaining industrial pump systems.

Hans Dieter Heuer from Pumpen Binek

"The Extranet is very easy to use, especially if you worked with it a few times it is very clear in my opinion it is self-explanatory and works super for those who use it.

We are also using other ordering systems, but because of our partnership with Grundfos, we get better technical information and can follow up on our orders much better, so we really like working with the system.

Customers who are not yet working with the Extranet I would recommend to contact Grundfos quickly to get this tool because it does relieve the general workload very much and the partnership with Grundfos will become much better. It’s a super tool

Without the Extranet we could not work here anymore because we are using the Extranet for more than 90% of our orders and information requests and if I have to do this by phone or by fax, as we did in the past, I would simply not have the time"

United Kingdom, G.M. Treble

In England , G.M. Treble is the largest independent pump distributor in the United Kingdom for well over 20 years, the company has built up a solid reputation and mainly operates in the Commercial Building segment.

George Gorodkin from G.M. Treble

"As far as user friendliness, it’s very simple to use, there are no issues with it. We all use it. We feel the Grundfos Extranet adds value to our business because we can process orders immediately……we can check stock, we also check on big orders, when the parts are being delivered……it also saves time not having to wait on the phone to get through to the sales office.when the next parts are due. Things we can do ourselves now, where we used to have to call somebody.

The biggest benefit has got to be is that it is there and usable, twenty four seven, all the information is live and up to date whether that is stock or orders.And the fact that there is information on there you can check any time you need it and the information is correct.If you are not yet using Extranet, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. It’s easy to use, and it’s simple to use and it’s also up to date and live

The issue sometimes with faxes is that they might not be processed the same day worst case, if it’s a weekend they might not be processed for a couple of days. With Extranet, you know as soon as it’s on, you know it’s live!

If we did not have Extranet now, that would seem like a backward step to me… it would be awful! "

The Netherlands, Facta

In The Netherlands, the company Facta, which was founded in 1958, is the largest national wholesaler for industrial and wastewater pumps and systems.

Johan Hopman from Facta

"I find the Extranet very easy to use because it is very accessible and in my own language. That is naturally very important. You can order very easy by means of drawing, exploded views and article numbers.

The added value of the Grundfos Extranet is that we can work and act much faste because we don’t need to wait on persons to give us answers, the answers you will find on the Internet.

I would advice Grundfos customers who are not using the Extranet to start using it as soon as possible because you decrease the number of manual work to a minimum and increase the speed of the whole process and the information is very easy to access and understand.

I can’t imagine working without the Grundfos Extranet anymore, because now I can work so much faster and the manual work is brought down to a minimum and this means I can do much more things than in the past I’m absolutely convinced that in future ordering over the Internet will become increasingly important in the business."