MyGrundfos quick guide


Are you seeking the following information:

  • List prices and availability?
  • Replacement pumps?
  • Shipping information
  • Order status?
  • Spare parts?
  • Quotations?

MyGrundfos provides you with the information you need, in just a few clicks

Tip: in this quick guide, you can click on the thumbnail to see it in a bigger size.

How to find a price or availability?

In the Price and availability widget, use the search function in the tools to get answers to your questions.

You can search by product number or type in the description.

Price and availabity information

In price and availabilty finder, MyGrundfos will provide you with the following information:

  • Availabilty
  • Delivery time
  • Gross price
  • Net price (only for Grundfos customers)
  • Export the result in Excel or PDF format

Pump replacement

To find the pump you need to replace an old pump, just type in the search field the product name or product number.

When typing a product name, MyGrundfos will display a list of products corresponding to what you have entered. The more details you enter, the more MyGrundfos will filter the results.

Pump replacement result

Once you have found the product you want to replace, MyGrundfos will show you a replacement pump based on the lowest energy suggestion.

To see more technical detail on the new pump, just click on the green button and it will open the Grundfos Product Center page detail.

Shipping information

MyGrundfos will provide you a set of basic shipping information such as:

  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • EAN number
  • Origine country
  • Tax code

Order status

MyGrundfos order status will provide you with:

  • An order status through a timeline
  • A Confirmation order
  • An Estimated delivery date
  • Status on a date
  • A track and trace link (combination of couriers URL)

Quotations list (Extranet users)

If you have an Extranet account and once you are logged-in, MyGrundfos will display a short list of the last quotations we have made for you. In the list you will be provided with the following information:

  • Quotation number
  • Expiration date
  • Your reference
  • Description
  • Project name
  • Quotation status
  • Total price
  • View all quotations

View quotation detail (Extranet users)

From the quotation list, you will be able to view the quotation detail.

Click on the link "View" in the line of the quotation to view further details. MyGrundfos will then open a new page in Extranet to showing further information.

From the quotation detail in Extranet you can :

  • Download a PDFdocument of the quotation
  • Add the quotation to your shopping cart

Spare part finder

To find the spare part you need for a pump, just type in the search field the product name or product number.

  • Depending on the product, you will be able also to select the variant.
  • To see all availbale parts in a list, click on the blue button "Get available parts"
  • To see an exploded view of the product spare parts, click on the green button which will open the Grundfos Product Center


Spare part list

MyGrundfos will display the list of spare parts available for the product you have selected.

You can:

  • Export it in Excel and PDF format
  • By clicing on the product name in the list, MyGrundfos will show you the detail of the content of the spare part.


Spare part details

By clicking on the product name in the spare parts list, MyGrundfos will display the content of the spare part kit.

To view more details, you can click on the green button which will open the Grundfos Product Center.

Spare part exploded view

From the spare part details view, MyGrundfos will open a new window in the Grundfos Product Center.

Once in the Grundfos Product Center window you will have access to all details, incuding an exploded view of your selected product.