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Easy, efficient wastewater management
To most people, domestic wastewater in the form of dirty water from sinks and washing machines and toilet waste is something that just disappears down the drain all by itself. In most cases it does.

But if you have problems with flooding or groundwater entering your cellar, need to discharge wastewater from below sewer level, or want to add extra sanitary facilities some distance away from the main soil pipe, you need a Grundfos wastewater solution to do the job.

The Grundfos range of domestic wastewater solutions for one- and two-family houses includes submersible effluent pumps, submersible and portable wastewater and drainage pumps as well as lifting stations for pumping grey wastewater and toilet waste to the main sewer line. Whatever your need, we have the solution. If you want exceptional home performance, choose Grundfos Home Performance!

Compact, all-in-one lifting stations
All our domestic lifting stations are designed for modern living. The compact, all-in-one units fit into very confined spaces, which means that you can add an extra sink or toilet or build a new bathroom anywhere you like. Easy installation and low noise are other distinctive benefits of the range.

Reliable and versatile wastewater pumps
Also the wastewater and drainage pumps are designed with the homeowners and the many application possibilities in mind. The submersible pumps are installed below ground level for pumping of household wastewater from washing machines, sinks and showers, or for drainage of the garden on a regular basis.

For temporary use and increased flexibility, the light-weight, portable pumps can be moved around to handle a specific drainage job right on the spot - for instance in connection with flooding or emptying of swimming pools and tanks.

All pumps excel in high performance, reliability and durability. They are destined for a long, trouble-free life in your home.



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Home Performance

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