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Recycled water is former wastewater that has been treated to remove solids and certain impurities, and then allowed to recharge the aquifer rather than being discharged to surface water. This recharging is often done by using the treated wastewater for irrigation.

Recycled water requires treatment to remove contaminants, and has typically been through mechanical, chemical, and biological processes. Grundfos can supply components and equipment for all aspects of wastewater treatment, and, depending on the discharge permit of the owner, the final disinfection.

The fully automated disinfection systems developed by Grundfos offer an easy solution for chlorine-based disinfection methods. Grundfos can advise and supply disinfection solutions using chlorine compounds such as chlorine gas (Cl2), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), and chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Grundfos can supply complete dosing pumps systems for large or small volumes and based on different technologies for flocculation, disinfection, and pH adjustment. Moreover, the Grundfos range of electronic accessories offers complete control of your dosing and disinfection processes and can be seamlessly integrated into your system.

By integrating variable speed drives and motor protection components, Grundfos can offer complete systems that are pre-engineered to work together. The Grundfos CUE frequency converters represent one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of external variable speed drives for pump applications currently on the market. Together with the easy to use MP 204 motor protection, we ensure 24-hour monitoring and control of all vital parameters, such as dry-running or overload, to ensure operational stability.

Grundfos can supply the specialist expertise to help meet your performance objectives, from the initial identification of needs, to the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the pumping solution. Grundfos commissioning agreements ensure correct installation and service agreements offer cover for all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts and pump audits.




Pumps in Water Treatment

Pumps in Water Treatment

Water treatment with the pump as a central element.

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