Process water - Recreational water



Process water – Recreational water

Swimming pools, whirlpools and aqua parks will all benefit significantly from Grundfos' water treatment solutions. Our single-stage circulation pumps efficiently circulate the process water while our range of unmatched dosing systems makes sure that the water source is completely safe.

Contamination in recreational water, caused for instance by legionella, is avoided by means of chlorine dioxide and chlorine, which can be dosed in gas, powder or liquid form. Grundfos' dosing systems perfectly handle all of the above and even allow e.g. on-site production of chlorine. The disinfectant is generated using common salt as a base material, offering a number of advantages: Fresh chlorine is always at hand, critical chemical handling is avoided and disinfectants can be produced precisely according to requirements. This makes storage space and the related costly safety precautionary measures unnecessary.

Grundfos' dosing pumps dose accurately every time to save chemical as well as energy – and are easily adjusted to comply with the exact chlorine dosing requirements of your country. The dosing pumps can also be used for dosing flocculant in the filtration process, acid or alkaline at the pH-correction stage or for adding flavour in saunas in order to create a delicious scent.

Moreover, a full range of measuring and analysing equipment is available for the parameters in recreational water applications.

Chlorine handling is potentially dangerous.Grundfos offers a solution for on-site production of chlorine, which makes for a safe environment.


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