Process water - Food & beverage



Process water – Food and Beverage

Grundfos' dosing pumps are ideal for pre-treating the process water used in food and beverage production. Very accurately dosing the amount of chemical required, the pumps ensure that the process water does not contain any unwanted substances or flavours that may interfere with the quality of the finished product.

Grundfos’ products are also highly suitable for the initial disinfection process where vegetables, fish and similar foods are rinsed in water enriched with chlorine dioxide.

As hygiene criteria are often very strict in the food and beverage industry, most production lines will benefit from CIP and SIP-systems that allow tanks and pipes to be efficiently cleaned without having to dismantle any equipment. This process is further accelerated by means of precise dosing pumps that add only the necessary amount of detergent, making sure that a minimum of subsequent flushing is required. Which in turn saves both time and money.

Naturally, Grundfos’ range of utility pumps also comprises solutions for efficient cooling and heating of the process water in the food and beverage industry.

Hygiene criteria are very high in all food and beverage productions.All Grundfos' sanitary pumps are CIP-compatible, allowing tanks, pipes and process lines to be efficiently cleaned without having to dismantle the equipment. Precise dosing pumps speed up the CIP-process by adding only the necessary detergent, consequently reducing the need for flushing the system.

Important notes

  • All Grundfos’ sanitary pumps carry the EHEDG certificate.


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