Process water - Cooling



Process water – Cooling

Cooling is an important part of a variety of processes and an application that Grundfos truly masters. On top of providing high-quality multistage and booster pumps for circulating the process water in the system, our range comprises advanced disinfection systems and digital dosing pumps that efficiently eliminate contamination by accurately dosing all kinds of chemicals. Chemicals are required in anti-scaling as well as antifouling applications and in corrosion inhibitors.

The dosing pumps are equally ideal for water treatment in open loops where the existence of air-borne bacteria is harmful to people, and in closed loops where it is important to avoid biofouling in order to protect the system and ensure high efficiency. Offering reliable pump performance throughout the cooling process, Grundfos is capable of significantly reducing any production downtime related to overheated components.

Grundfos cooling pumps are available with air-cooled tops to optimise reliability in even the most demanding cooling applications. All pump solutions can be supplied with measurement and control systems, customised to meet individual application requirements. If reducing the amount of chemicals used in the process is desirable, Grundfos offers solutions for reuse of the chemicals.

Microbiological growth must be avoided.Grundfos' advanced disinfection systems and accurate dosing pumps ensure that the water in open as well as closed loops is clean.


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