Organic, chemical and mixed inlet



Organic, chemical and mixed inlet

Grundfos pumps and pump systems are highly suitable for the treatment of organic, chemical and mixed wastewater from industries all over the world. Whether the wastewater comes from showers, toilets, food production lines or industrial manufacturing processes, our impressive portfolio offers tried and tested solutions for disinfection and distribution.

Low pressure pumps transport the wastewater from one process step to the next, while high pressure multistage pumps ensure an efficient backwash process. In the pre-treatment Grundfos offers a wide range of dry powder and liquid polymer units for flocculation. A wide range of mechanical and digital dosing pumps is available for the dosing of every possible chemical – and even includes a plug and play disinfection system. The advanced chlorine dioxide system is designed for extremely accurate dosing, allowing the chemical consumption to be reduced to an absolute minimum. Which in turn makes for more cost-effective operation. Where filter backwash water occurs, disinfection and cleaning/antifouling for membrane systems can be supplied by Grundfos.

Measurement and control solutions can be customised to meet individual application requirements.

Reducing energy consumption is an important aspect of the wastewater treatment system. Grundfos offers a wide range of highly energy-efficient pumps that will contribute positively to reducing energy consumption.
The wastewater contains aggressive liquid.Grundfos' range of wastewater pumps features specially designed shaft seals that easily withstand aggressive liquids, subsequently prolonging the life of the pump.
Safe and reliable dosing is important. Grundfos' advanced digital dosing solutions offer very accurate and highly cost-effective dosing of all chemicals.


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