Hot water boilers



Hot water boilers

Grundfos’ single-stage and multistage pumps for hot water boilers are available for temperatures up to 140°C. All pumps can be supplied with motors with a wall-mounted or integrated frequency converter (up to 22 kW), ensuring that the pressure and temperature in the system are constant. If the boiler requires a shunt in order to avoid thermal stress, we offer highly reliable pump solutions that will hold the temperature in the boiler constant.

The very high temperature of hot liquids can be damaging to the pump and even destroy the shaft seal.Grundfos offers specially designed shaft seals that handle water temperatures up to 180°C.
The application's inlet conditions are poor.An advanced Grundfos low NPSH pump is available, efficiently reducing NPSH and eliminating cavitation.
When temperature control is part of the process, the pump material is potentially stressed because of the continuous thermal expansion and contraction.By applying one of Grundfos' speed-controlled pumps the temperature is held constant.
Mechanical regulation valves are very expensive.Grundfos' E-solutions completely eliminate the need for this particular valve as the water inlet is automatically adjusted to the fluctuating steam demand on the outlet.
Erratic load characteristics are a frequent problem.Grundfos offers tailor-made software to stretch the pump curves, allowing pumps to operate outside their set curves and increase efficiency.
Energy consumption is important to your customer.Grundfos' high-efficient E-solutions significantly reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting pump performance to the actual need. Naturally, the E-solutions meet international efficiency standards.
Stock management can be difficult due to the global differences in voltages and frequencies.Grundfos' E-solutions feature dual frequency and a wide voltage range, allowing you to use the same solution all over the world. Naturally, the E-solutions carry the necessary approvals.

Important notes

  • As boiler shunt applications are often subjected to very high ambient and liquid temperatures it is essential to carefully design the pump for this demanding environment.
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