Unmatched home comfort
Most people associate a comfortable home with a warm and cosy indoor environment. That is why a domestic heating circulator pump is an integral part of any household with central or district heating. It represents the heart of the system and is responsible for moving hot water from the heating boiler to heating devices such as radiators, and for securing optimum heating regulation.

Most people also appreciate the pleasure of instant hot water. A hot water recirculation solution ensures that you never have to wait for hot water in showers and taps.

No one does it better than a Grundfos circulator.

Quality since 1959
The first Grundfos circulator was produced in 1959. Ever since our circulator range for one- and two-family houses has been renowned worldwide for its high quality and reliablity. In just two years, more than one million ALPHA2 pumps - our latest groundbreaking circulator model - have brought the benefits of Grundfos quality and innovation to homeowners around the world.

Save energy, water and money
An energy-efficient, A-labelled heating circulator uses up to 80% less energy than a conventional D-labelled model, cutting around 10% off an average household's annual electricity bill. To benefit from year-round savings on energy bills and CO2 emissions you should replace your old circulator with an ALPHA2 now. Also new building projects deserve ALPHA2.

Likewise, the Grundfos hot water recirculation pumps help you save water and energy. Many people wait for hot water for more than 60 seconds. With instant hot water, litres of cold water is saved from running down the drain during the wait.

Automatic set-up and control with AUTOADAPT
Our focus is firmly on customer needs and superior user experiences. We know that no house is the same and that heating and hot water needs change from day to night and from summer to winter. AUTOADAPT can tell the difference. One touch of the AUTOADAPT button during installation is all it takes for the heating or hot water recirculation system to deliver the highest possible comfort with the lowest possible energy usage. Always!


Customers' stories

Double up on your knowledge of the environment and energy-efficient circulator pumps. Hear our customers' stories.






Download information about the Grundfos heating range and related issues:

The secret to bigger savings

The secret to bigger savings lies in the heart of your home. A-labelled circulators offer one of the biggest domestic savings opportunities.

EuP ready information

EuP ready information

We're not ready - we're way ahead. Read more about the EuP directive on standalone circulators and how you can start saving energy and money already now.

Instantly hot

The intelligent way to instant comfort

New Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT- the intelligent upgrade of the popular COMFORT pump sets new standards for energy-efficient comfort in private homes.



Download information about the Grundfos heating range and related issues:

EuP ready wholesaler

Do you have enough energy-efficient ...

Be EuP ready and join your wholesaler colleagues in the battle against climate change.

EuP ready: Installer

Dear installer: choose energy-efficient ...

For your own sake and your customers' sake. From 2013 they'll be the only choice anyway.

EuP ready: Enduser

Save energy and money now

Changing to a more energy-efficient heating circulator pump can cut 10% off the average household's annual electricity bill and reduce global warming.

Instantly hot

The intelligent way to instant comfort

Grundfos’ popular COMFORT circulator pump has been upgraded. The new, intelligent COMFORT pump with AUTOADAPT adapts the domestic hot water supply to the individual consumption pattern. By efficiently minimising the pump’s operation time energy savings of up to 85% can be achieved.

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