Ground water



Ground water

When it comes to getting water out of the ground, Grundfos' deep well pumps and pump systems stand out. No matter how deep you need to go, our high pressure multistage pumps will do the job effortlessly, providing you with the water volumes required. Once the water is out of the ground, single-stage and booster pumps are available for moving the water along to the next stage – either for further treatment or for instant use.

If the ground water is to be pumped straight out of the ground and used instantly, Grundfos’ products efficiently help treat the water in the ground to remove any chemical. On-site treatment of water may also be the obvious solution, if storage space is scarce.

All Grundfos deep well pumps can be supplied with a control solution, customised to reliably control and measure the pump activity. If further control is required, an advanced monitor is available for keeping immaculate track of what is going on underground. In case of irregularities or deviances the monitor will issue a warning, allowing immediate action in order to avoid downtime. The quality of the groundwater can also be monitored at every treatment step by means of reliable measurement and control.

Service on deep well pumps is difficult, because they are placed under ground. Grundfos' deep well pumps are available with a flexible hose greatly facilitating getting the pump up if service is required.
Once under ground, the pump's status is not immediately available. Grundfos offers an advanced monitor, allowing you to reliably keep track of the pump and intervene in case of any irregularities. 


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