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Drinking water for industrial processes

Grundfos' impressive range of pumps for the water industry is ideal for the making of drinking water. Whether you are looking to treat surface water or ground water, our extensive application know-how ensures that the quality of the treated water complies with the drinking water standard.

On top of providing single-stage and multistage pumps for moving the water from one step to the next throughout the entire treatment process, our highly specialised product range comprises advanced digital dosing pumps. These will very accurately dose the chemicals in the pre-treatment, desalination and disinfection processes just as they offer flawless performance if pH-correction is a requirement. Grundfos’ disinfection systems and digital dosing make for much smoother operation – and further ensure that no money is wasted on overdosing expensive chemicals.

Prior to and following any chemical dosing, the quality of the water must be measured and controlled. Grundfos offers customised measurement and control solutions that will efficiently make sure that the quality meets the defined requirements.

The abrasive media in seawater wear on the pump.Grundfos offers titanium pumps specifically designed for the pumping of seawater to avoid corrosion and ensure long life.
Reducing energy-consumption is important.Grundfos offers solutions that allow the energy from the treatment process to be recovered and used in different processes.
Desalination is an important aspect of many water treatment applications.Grundfos’ range of high-pressure pumps includes specific pumps for desalination processes, making sure that corrosion is efficiently avoided.

Important notes
All Grundfos dosing pumps are made from materials that comply with relevant standards and certificates.

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