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Chemigation and fertigation systems can be individual but from where we stand the principles are the same every time: Safe, precise dosing and a uniform mix in the water line can be felt on the bottom line. With Grundfos dosing and metering equipment, efficient and effective use of chemicals is made simple.

For handling any chemical, Grundfos has pump technology that is easy to adjust and maintain. Our corrosion-resistant dosing pumps are ideal for injecting nutrients and pesticides as well as acid for the removal of organic material. They dose concentrated and ready-to-use chemicals evenly and precisely into the line, and will automatically adjust dosages in response to changing flow.

Out in the field, the crop will receive the desired and uniform concentration of nutrient and pest-control chemical. The right amount in the right place at the right time. We can also advise on relevant safety procedures, back-flow prevention, etc. in relation to local regulatory constraints.

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