Searching for Product Information

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Searcing for product information
Calculation of energy efficiency
Searching for product information


Grundfos Product Center allows you to get all the product information you need in an instant. In this series of videos, we explain how you can quickly access and download the exact pump data you want, from data-light BIM assets to CAD drawings, pump curves and more. 

How to get product information the smart way

Ever wondered how handy it would be to have all the information about a pump in one place? Watch this video and discover how to quickly search and access the detailed product data you want – in one, convenient location. 

How to access Grundfos Product Center on the go

Have you ever needed Grundfos product information on-the-go? Watch the video to discover how Grundfos Product Center is available for computers, tablets and mobile devices, making it quick and easy to access everything you need in or out of the office.

How to get quick access to BIM assets  

Finding and downloading parametric BIM assets for all variants of each pump family is easy with Grundfos Product Center. Watch the video and see how simple it is to get the BIM content you need when designing an application. 

How to find product documentation fast

If you’ve already searched and selected a specific pump for a project, Grundfos Product Center can help you save time by giving quick and easy access to all relevant pump documentation. Take a look at this video and learn how. 

How to get a pump curve quickly

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to verify that the pump you’ve chosen can meet your duty point? Find out how Grundfos Product Center allows you to check whether a pump meets your duty point in just a few simple steps. 

How to find CAD drawings fast

Grundfos Product Center takes the hassle out of finding and downloading CAD drawings, and lets you choose formats, view your pump from all angles and download drawings quickly. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

Grundfos Product Center

Get the product data you need fast

Looking for a quick and easy way to get the product information you need? Grundfos Product Center helps you find the right pump data for any installation or project fast – all in one convenient location.


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Sizing & replacement


Sizing & replacement

Whether you want to size pumps by application and design, or find the right spare parts, Grundfos Product Center makes it easy. Watch this video series and discover how to quickly access the information you need – in one, convenient place.

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Calculation of energy efficiency


Calculation of energy efficiency

Calculating energy consumption can be time consuming but Grundfos Product Center makes finding the most efficient pump solution simple. Watch our dedicated video series to help you calculate, compare and evaluate based on life-cycle cost (LCC).

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Sharing project data


Sharing project data

Grundfos Product Center lets you create and save data in a personalised folder making it easy to share and manage your projects. In this video series, explore how to size, save and evaluate pump projects in one customised location.  

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