Energy Check

What is an Energy Check?

To realise the hidden savings in your pumps, we offer a free Energy Check. By simple inspection of your pump installation we calculate potential savings and make suggestions for high performing,energy efficient solutions.

A free report is included with every Energy Check detailing your current pump installation and operation costs and how you can improve it to realise the savings.

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How can an Energy Check benefit your business?

The Energy Check gives you a better understanding of your pump installation and the potential savings that can be made.

Did you know that 85% of the pump life-cycle cost is related to the daily operation of the pump?

Any installation with old, oversized, inefficient or unsuitable pumps is likely to hide this kind of savings – and the  Energy Check helps you discover the potential.


• Typically 30-50 % reductions in energy costs
• Short pay-back time (1-5 years)
• Reduced risk related to increasing energy prices
• Reduced operating and maintenance costs


• Reliable operation
• Low failure rates
• Reduced down-time
• Reduced repair costs


• Typically 30% reduction of CO2 emissions
• Improve your business’ green image
• Compliance with energy regulation

The Energy Check is fast and easy, here is what it takes:

Need more information?

Phone our Energy Check Co-ordinator - David on (03) 9550 0140