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Looking for the answer in the ground
It has been a dry year in Australia. Very dry. Especially in Central Queensland, where the lack of rainwater is taking its toll. The land is thirst¬ing, and the demand for groundwater is making record sales for submersible pumps.
Sustainable motor becomes crowdpleaser in Germany
At a large tradefair in Germany, the new MGE motor from Grundfos became the center of attention.
Grundfos solution prevents flooding in Pasadena, Texas
A pumping station with axial-flow submersible pumps in Pasadena, Texas, USA prevents flooding from blocking hurricane evacuation routes near Gulf Coast.
The ALPHA2 from Grundfos is "best in test"
The ALPHA2 from Grundfos claimed the top spot in an energy efficiency test made by German technology consultant TÜV Süd
MAGNA3 wins the Danish Design Award
The newly developed circulator pump is honoured for helping to consolidate Grundfos as a company that, when it comes to innovation, sustainability and design, translates words into action.
New MULTILIFT sends Grundfos up on top
A new, ground-breaking version of the MULTILIFT lifting station is now available in seven different versions. The new MULTILIFT is easy to install, has an improved level detector, intelligent control panel and a unique tank design.
We are prepared
Australia is preparing for the clean-up after the catastrophic floodings - Grundfos is keeping ready to lend a helping hand.
Now this red colour is ours
Take a close look at the red colour. Now it is ours.
Grundfos pumps unveils new generation of circulators, with power-consumption ...
Intended for residential and light-commercial hydronic applications, ALPHA™ features the innovative AUTOAdapt™ function that automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance to the changing needs of the hydronic heating system.
Grundfos teaming with Green Plumbers USA
Grundfos teaming with Green Plumbers USA