Use your talent to make a difference

At Grundfos we need people who are ready to put their energy and skills into confronting the water and energy challenges that the world is facing. That is why we have made sustainability a top priority, and perhaps you can help us use technology and knowledge to make a difference. Perhaps you have the key to finding new ways.

Our employees cover a wide range of career areas such as sales and marketing, IT, HR, production, SCM, finance, service and research and development.

Below you can see why some our current employees choose to use their talent at Grundfos.

Business Development

Maryam Momeni, Senior Development Engineer

With a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, I love solving problems and discovering new ways. As a development engineer within Research and Technology in Grundfos, I keep challenging myself by continuously taking part in solving the world’s water challenges. I want my job to be meaningful, and by working in the water treatment area, I know I make a real difference by developing pump solutions that deliver clean drinking water to those who need it the most. To me, Grundfos is much more than a pump manufacturer.

The thing I appreciate the most about my job is the way colleagues help each other and share knowledge. Grundfos creates a friendly and collaborative working environment where we can develop both personally and technically. And with colleagues all around the world, there is never a dull moment.


Ninna Normand Helles, Purchase Manager

I joined Grundfos right after graduating from business school, and I immediately got the opportunity to show my worth. My managers have always pushed me forward ensuring that I reach my full potential. Something that I value very much.  

I am excited about going to work every day dealing with a wide variety of challenging tasks, currently as a manager in corporate purchase. The working environment and my colleagues motivate me to always do my best and deliver to the fullest. I have realized that it is not only about the job – it is about working for a company that I am proud of. 


Casper Larsen, Head of Group Profitability

If I am to describe my career in Grundfos with one word, I would say global. With experience from Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, I can honestly say that I have gained valuable international insight into my profession and the Grundfos Group. For me, this is extremely attractive and what made me choose Grundfos in the first place. However, the reason for me staying is different. During the first few years, I quickly discovered that Grundfos enables you to develop and grow professionally in line with your interests and career perspectives.  

The most rewarding days for me are seeing my employees succeed. I usually say that Grundfos is almost like a big family. The company has a genuine ability to care for its employees, helping them through ups and downs.