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Basic Pump Principles

A must do course for anyone new to the pumping industry or anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge on pump types, when to use certain pumps and impeller types. 

Basic Hydraulic Principles

This topic is a must do for anyone new to the pump industry, covering the foundation knowledge of pumps, the basic about water and installations. 

Cold Water Boosting

This comprehensive topic will guide you from beginning to end of cold water boosting pumps, covering water supply, pumps and controls and the installation process.

Rainwater Reuse

More and more people are wanting to reuse rainwater in their homes. This topic will guide you through everything from the benefits of reusing water to the different system options and installation.

Shower Boosting

Everyone wants constant pressure in their homes, this topic will guide you through how shower boosting pumps work and the installation process.

Hot Water Circulating

Learn everything you need to know about the benefits of installing a Hot Water Circulating pump.

CM Booster Self-Priming

The CM Booster is now Self-Priming, this topic will guide you through what this means and how it will benefit you.

Wastewater Drainage and Pumping

This comprehensive topic will guide you through the different type of systems available and help you to determine which systems work best for different applications.

Grundfos Comfort PM

Grundfos COMFORT is our range of hot water supply systems for domestic applications. In this topic you will dive into COMFORT and all the advanced technologies it’s built on.

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2

The Grundfos SOLOLIFT2 are a versatile range of lifting stations for private homes and light commercial buildings. This topic introduces you to the range and looks at its main features and benefits.

Grundfos Autoadapt

This topic will help you to better understand and take advantage of Grundfos AUTOADAPT technology as it is used in some of our products, including the ALPHA2 circulating pump.

Occupational Health and Safety

Contributing to a safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility. This topic will highlight some key areas to be aware of.

Grundfos Submersible Pumps and Systems

This topic will help you to gain a full understanding of submersible pumps, submersible pump systems and motor protection. 

SCALA2 water booster pump

This topic will introduce you to the robsut, composite, variable speed SCALA2 domestic pressure booting pump.