Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems: Grundfos iSOLUTIONS

When you face a design challenge within pump applications, looking beyond the pump and taking the entire system into consideration provides you with the best opportunity to create optimal, energy efficient pump system performance and satisfy your clients.

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS uses state-of-the-art pump intelligence to ensure pumps, drives, control & protection, measurement and communication units work together as one complete, energy efficient and connectivity-based system. With Grundfos iSOLUTIONS we combine your demands with our application expertise and intelligent pump solutions to take optimisation to a whole new level.

Cooling control techniques

Cooling Control Techniques

Energy saving is often not the first priority of cooling units, since the focus is more on compactness and reliability. But the potential savings in energy and regulation components can be significant if you choose the right control method. We can help you.

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Download the Refrigeration and Cooling Manual

Download the Refrigeration and Cooling Manual

Get your copy of the Refrigeration and Cooling Manual. It covers a wide range of topics, theory and advice for anyone working with pumps in this area.



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