A partnership between experts

Partnership model

We do what we do best

All donations are sent to Kenya and spend on the implementation of sustainable Water2Life water projects based on the LIFELINK system.

Grundfos LIFELINK is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the LIFELINK system ensuring that the village has water in many years to come. The Red Cross educate the village about hygiene and water safety. Together we have a strong partnership that ensures any contribution the biggest and longest lasting value possible.

Red Cross Denmark and Grundfos LIFELINK guarantee that any contribution will be used for sustainable water projects. Grundfos employees can follow the progress and implementation of the water projects on the Intranet.

Partnership model

The partnership model illustrates how the different participants interact in the Water2Life programme.

On top of the model the Grundfos employees are illustrated – they use a communication platform to spread good initiatives and to obtain knowledge about the programme and the progress in Kenya. They also interact directly with the Danish Red Cross who cooperates with the receiving villages in Kenya and with the Kenyan Red Cross Society.


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