Innovation Intent

Choosing our future

We believe that ‘Innovation is the essence’ as signified in the company payoff Be-Think-Innovate. Our mission requires us to be a technological leader, and the company has repeatedly developed technologies and solutions with an eye for future needs.

In 2008, we finalised an Innovation Intent that will serve to give focus to our long-term innovation efforts going forward to 2025.

A fundamental element in the Innovation Intent is the strong message to our developers that our future should continue to build on sustainable development. The Innovation Intent consists of three elements - CONCERN-CARE-CREATE - that each represents a challenge to our organisation. But the real challenge is that every major concept that we launch over the next 20-30 years should meet all three of the challenge at the same time.


Concern-Care-Create: Put sustainability first - be there for a growing world - Pioneer new technologies

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