Meet the Energy Challenge NOW


The best opportunity to save energy is with pumps

It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that pumps currently consume 10% of global electricity. However, pumps also have the potential to save a lot of electrical energy. Pumps actually represent one of the best opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions using existing technology. This is because most pump installations are needlessly inefficient. Now is the time to change that.
If everyone switches to high efficiency pump systems we can reduce 4% of the world’s total electricity consumption NOW.

It is time to Meet the Energy Challenge NOW.

The Grundfos Blueflux® technology label

Without precisely the right motor and variable frequency drives (VFD), even the best pump will consistently waste energy. To facilitate simple selection of a high-efficiency pump solution, Grundfos has developed a technology label for the top of the line motor and drives range.
We call it Grundfos Blueflux®

And with Grundfos Blueflux® high efficiency pump motor technology we can reduce the average pump’s electrical energy consumption by up to 60%.

Every pump motor that bears the Grundfos Blueflux® technology label has been optimised to minimise energy loss and contribute to outstanding performance and reliability – as well as low environmental impact. The Grundfos Blueflux® motor technology label ensures that the motor meets or exceeds international legislation regarding motor efficiency.

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