Components of an Irrigation System

Components of an Irrigation System

Components of an Irrigation System

An irrigation system, particularly for professional Producers and Growers, is made up of many components. The system design and component selection is integral to delivering a system that meets the need of the crop being irrigated in an efficient and reliable manner.  


Pump choice has a major influence on an irrigation system. Ensuring a perfect pump match can save money in terms of maintenance, energy and water costs.

Automatic Irrigation Controllers

These are essentially electronic timers that are programmable to turn your irrigation valves on and off at specific times, or under certain conditions (see Irrigation System Sensors below).  

Irrigation Emitters

This is the method through which the water is delivered to the irrigated crop. There are many different choices here, and a Specialised Irrigation Professional will be able to assist you in making the right choice for your particular application. You can read more about Irrigation Emitter Types here.  

Solenoid Cables & Connectors

These items connect the Irrigation Controller to the valves. Problems can arise from incorrect or poorly wired systems, and this is where an Irrigation Professional can assist.  

Irrigation System Sensors

Irrigation system sensors are complementary units that attach to an Automatic Irrigation Controller to modify the programmed irrigation cycle. Examples include rain sensors and soil moisture sensors.  


Filters prevent debris, soil and sand from entering the system and clogging components or causing wear damage.  

Valve Boxes

These boxes protect valves and other irrigation components underground, and make for easy access for maintenance and servicing.


Valves control the flow of water in the system, and can be either manual or automatic. There are many types of valves, including isolation valves, solenoid valves, vacuum release valves and flush valves.  

Backflow Prevention Devices

These devices allow water to flow in one direction only. These are particularly important where the system is connected to a potable water source, as it prevents ‘dirty water’ from being able to travel into the potable water source.  


Your irrigation system will be made up of many pipes, on both the ‘delivery’ side (sprinkler side) and the water supply side. Pipes can be either pressurised or non-pressurised and there are a raft of options when it comes to pipe materials.


Your Local Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer has the expertise and knowledge to correctly guide you towards the best system selection to meet your needs. They understand how a pump influences a system, and that by ensuring a perfect pump match, you can save money in terms of maintenance, energy and water costs.

Your Local Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer possesses not only the best LOCAL knowledge, but also a genuine desire to discuss your individual pumping
requirements and provide you with a professional solution to meet your needs. And they’re supported by Grundfos, the GLOBAL Experts, who have decades of innovative pump system design experience.  

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