Grundfos CME Booster Variable Speed Pump: The Ultimate in Pressure Creation & Control


CME Booster

Whether you’re reliant solely on rainwater to supply your home, have rainwater supplement your mains water supply, or need a solution for mains water pressure boosting, the CME Booster is the answer.

The Grundfos CME Booster is an energy efficient boosting pump featuring an integrated speed controller that ensures constant water pressure regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure. The variable speed controller also matches the power consumption with the required water output, which can save home owners up to 40% in power.

The compact system comprises of a CME pump with integrated speed control complete with a five-way fitting and a discharge tank. The five-way fitting encompasses a non-return valve, a pressure sensor, a pressure gauge and a diaphragm tank connection. Best of all, the entire package is delivered ready for installation.

The CME Booster features dry run protection with auto-restart and built in thermal protection. The shaft, impellers and pump housing are constructed with stainless steel, with a composite terminal box and fan cover. All wet components are 304 Stainless Steel, which has ensured its compliance with AS/NZS 4020 – Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.

Another unique feature is the products quiet operation – 55 decibels – which is significantly quieter than most pumps currently available on the market.

The CME Booster range is broad enough to be able to handle domestic water supply for small single level homes up to larger multi-storey homes.

Grundfos pumps are renowned for their high quality, innovative design and reliability. Speak to your local Authorised Grundfos Dealer today or visit the CM Booster Range website for more information

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